Friday, August 7, 2009

My New Blog

Hi. Some of you here know me from my previous two blogs, 17ED Forever and Terri's Rambles. This blog focuses on my life as a spanko, as far as it goes. It will be mainly things I find interesting about the spanko community, blogs I like reading, my favourite spanking stories and sites, and general stuff like that.

It might interest you to know that I am not certain whether or not I'm a top or a bottom. I find both sides interesting, but I think I need to be in control too much to allow myself to be a bottom. Then I talk about what my life as a kid was like, and the spanko community tells me that is abhorrent, and that in a spanking relationship, no matter how much it appears that the top is in charge, the bottom really calls the shots. The bottom is the one who approves or refuses all instruments, positions and other aspects. That's part of being a top, I was told. Knowing what your bottom can, or is willing, to take, and not overstepping that boundary. A top who does overtstep that boundeary is a bad top, should not have control over a person, and their behaviour is abhorrent. I just wish I believed the people who told me that.

Hopefully this blog will update more often than my other two.

Oh, and I just joined the free spanking videos site. Can you believe there's a spanko version of YouTube?! It's LEGAL!!! I'm off to explore it, now. I hope it's as cool as it looks.