Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another Parody

Oh dear. Here's another one. This time, its Jingle Bells my demented brain has mutilated. Sincere apologies to anyone who actually LIKES that song. .

Spanky Games

Browsing through the toys, its a chore to pick and choose
Such variety, so which ones should we use?
Paddle, brush and strap? Or maybe cane and crop?
Or maybe hand spanks to warm up til someone begs to stop!

Oh, Spanky games, spanky games, are such fun to play!
Add them to your party list for this year's Christmas Day!
Spanky games, spanky games, all the players know;
We'll be ending Christmas time with a warm stinging glow!

Now the cheeks are white, go and have some fun;
Redden them tonight, and soothe them when you're done!
Leather's burn is a treat, wood's sting is nice too;
But Tops should watch those kicking feet or there's some pain for YOU!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Spanking Parody

I blame Erica for this, as it was re-reading her parody post for this year that actually got this one started.

Its a parody for Winter Wonderland. I don't know how to imbed videos, so you'll just have to follow the link.

Spanky Wonderland

Paddles swing, are you listening?
Rosy pink, bums are glistening!
A beautiful sight, stinging hot tonight
Playing in a Spanky Wonderland.

Otk, just for starters,
In your stay-ups and garters,
Then over a chair, your bottom quite bare,
Playing in a Spanky Wonderland

After corner time to sensitise.
Canes come out and the fun starts again!
Be too sassy and you risk sore thighs
Or bonus strokes make 20 out of 10.

Later on, you'll conspire,
As the after-burn gets higher;
To brat, unafraid, the Top-friend you've made;
Next time you're in Spanky Wonderland.

Dammit, Erica!! Now I've been bitten by the parody bug.

Mr D, if you read this, please do NOT take this as instructions for next time. My muse is demented.

To everyone else, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hunakkah or whatever-the-hell you do at this time of year. And to all my bloggy friends, Happy Spankings