Saturday, June 23, 2012

Spanko Chefs?!

Yes, you read that right. Spanko Chefs. I'm currently watching MasterChef Australia. (God bless the internet, and whomeoardver the wonderful person who figured out how to make tv shows work online, so you can watch shows again online, or catch up on what you missed, is!) and there was a week in which they had several really faous celebrity chefs... and this is with the fact the show is actually RUN by three very famous chefs, with plenty of regular guest chefs. Gary, Matt and George, who are the best known faces of MasterChef Australia, aren't going to feature in this post. They might in a later one, who knows.

This post, features a wooden board. And an antipasti competition. (Anyone who can tell me what the difference between antipasti, antipasto, and antipasta is, will win brownie points!) And Jamie Oliver. (To whom go my sincerest apologies, respect and admiration.)

My first thought, when that board showed up, was: 'Are we completely SURE that's a food-grade serving platter, and not the headmaster's paddle?' A thought echoed a few minutes later in the program, with guest chef Matt saying 'don't let the plank spank you." Jamie also made a spanking comment at the time.

Jamie went on, during his running commentary on what he was doing, as well as what the three contestants he was competing against were doing, (well done, Alice, Tregan and Jules, you three were great, but this happened two weeks ago, and I'm just now blogging about it, so, sorry!) to make a few more spanking comments, mainly about how worried he was about whether his planned dishes would work, or whether he'd end up getting spanked.

But the real winner came when the judges, (regular Matt, Gary and George) were handing out their decisions. Jamie, with an odd, almost embarassing (to the viewer, and perhaps to those there at the time!) candidness and honesty, said that the ending had been 'bittersweet'. He then went on to say that he 'quite would've liked to have been spanked by these girls.'

Whether he meant that he would have preferred them to outscore him in the challenge, or he would have preferred the presence of a fifth board, for practical use, is yet to be seen. But one can speculate. And one can be deliciously embarassed by the speculation. And one can pray to any higher being, or to whatever one holds holy, that one can look Jamie in the face if one ever meets him. Cause, after a line like that, I somehow doubt I'd be able to look the man in the face.

Whether MasterChef Australia has any more similar gems to pull out remains to be seen.