Thursday, October 23, 2014

My friend's blog

 great stories here

My friend's blog. She writes really good spanking stories. You will enjoy them. Please go check it out.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

A... Disturbing Confession.

"Who doesn't? Bastard needs it!" 

That was my immediate thought when I discovered this on tumblr. (It's original poster was thirdreichconfessions2, to whom confessions are apparently submitted. The poster then pairs these with pictures, and the rest of tumblr gets a giggle, or nods in agreement at the sentiment...or feels a little disgusted.the comments attached to the picture were rather...enlightening.)

NO, by the way, I don't like Hitler.. Just to make it clear, the third reich SUCKED!!! I would have used 'spank' as a euphemism for 'heave bombs at'....and not limited it to only Der F├╝hrer. (Or, as a few of my friends call him, The Fuckwit)

But I don't know...maybe I should be more open-minded. 

Anyway, back on topic. My second thought was a disturbing: but would you object to being spanked by Hitler? Followed by the realisation that (happily, I am not one of them!) there are plenty of people out there who wouldn't.

And the third need to understand or recognise the highest military rank the asshole attained to get this one: "well that gives a whole new meaning to the term 'corporal' punishment, doesn't it?" I am ashamed to admit to giggling inappropriately at this. 

Anyway, having been disturbed by this, I'm now compiling a list of national/state/religious etc leaders, past and present, who need to be spanked. All contributions welcome. (And if your choice has already been nominated, just say "vote number 'whatever' for 'insert name'."...oh, and fanatical followers can be voted for as well)

I'll start off with:

Stalin, Jeff Kennett (former premier of Victoria, in Australia) the last four Aussie prime ministers, the last three US presidents, Tony Blair and most of the above named Hitler's lieutenants. You can name individuals if you want. 

Nature, the artist.

Something wonderful showed up at the OP shop (thrift shop, charity store, opportunity shop) I work in, a few days ago...ok, a week ago. Damn google+ photo saver thingy for taking so long to upload pics.

I've tried to get good pictures of it, but they don't do this GORGEOUS specimen justice. It's too damn pretty to use for spankings...but it packs a real wallop, at least in the handle! (Yes, the flat side serves as a ruler-equivalent) the bowl is pretty harmless, though.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This is a beautifully crafted tale of the struggles of a young American nurse in wartime, masterfully set against the backdrop of Third Reich controlled Germany. As a Red Cross aid worker, Maria Schaffer's efforts will capture your heart. As a foreigner in a land controlled by insanity, her attempts to provide aid and comfort in an indiscriminate manner will inspire you. And as a young woman, her strength in turmoil and her refusal to back down or surrender against the abuses of her captors will fill your heart with hope and joy. 

The story is called Heated Times Come To Remagen. There's spanking in it. At one point, there was more brutal abuse, including rape, but it has been toned down in order to suit a wider market. The story is by Marina Martin and Haley Brimley, who are both talented authors of spanking fiction.

Heated Times Come To Remagen

Go check it out. If you like it, log in and purchase it to leave a review... There IS a coupon code : RG99B, but I don't know how long it will last for.

Please consider leaving a review if you like it. Reviews are food for an author's soul. And the more reviews, the more likely people are to buy it. Sadly, I started this post with my own review, rather than a professionally written blurb. I would have preferred a professional blurb, but my own review had to suffice.

I don't normally endorse stuff like this, but this one is special. Marina is a dear friend of mine--my online sister/mother/daughter. (We're both switches) She and I share a joy in TTWD, as well as a number of other issues I don't feel should be divulged.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Masterchef strikes again--literally

Watch it. Its episode seven of the latest series. And in the opening scenes, we get a bit of complaining about snoring, followed by a hacked-off militant female with a belt. Snapping the belt, and marching into the "boys'" dorm, declaring the snorers are 'going down' amongst other threats. Two of the boys end up on the receiving end of the belt, one of them for a single whack, the other for four...I think. My vision's not wonderful.

Either way, OMG!! Remember my delighted shock at last year's Jamie Oliver episode? Well, this was a bigger one. We actually get some REAL action--not much, but its there. And its---WOW. Just WOW.

I'm just wondering why no-one's made a huge hue-and-cry about it. Its like it was a complete non-event as far as the network, as far as the average Aussie TV viewer, as far as a lot of folks. are concerned. Hell, it hasn't even been noticed by FaceBook!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another Parody

Oh dear. Here's another one. This time, its Jingle Bells my demented brain has mutilated. Sincere apologies to anyone who actually LIKES that song. .

Spanky Games

Browsing through the toys, its a chore to pick and choose
Such variety, so which ones should we use?
Paddle, brush and strap? Or maybe cane and crop?
Or maybe hand spanks to warm up til someone begs to stop!

Oh, Spanky games, spanky games, are such fun to play!
Add them to your party list for this year's Christmas Day!
Spanky games, spanky games, all the players know;
We'll be ending Christmas time with a warm stinging glow!

Now the cheeks are white, go and have some fun;
Redden them tonight, and soothe them when you're done!
Leather's burn is a treat, wood's sting is nice too;
But Tops should watch those kicking feet or there's some pain for YOU!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Spanking Parody

I blame Erica for this, as it was re-reading her parody post for this year that actually got this one started.

Its a parody for Winter Wonderland. I don't know how to imbed videos, so you'll just have to follow the link.

Spanky Wonderland

Paddles swing, are you listening?
Rosy pink, bums are glistening!
A beautiful sight, stinging hot tonight
Playing in a Spanky Wonderland.

Otk, just for starters,
In your stay-ups and garters,
Then over a chair, your bottom quite bare,
Playing in a Spanky Wonderland

After corner time to sensitise.
Canes come out and the fun starts again!
Be too sassy and you risk sore thighs
Or bonus strokes make 20 out of 10.

Later on, you'll conspire,
As the after-burn gets higher;
To brat, unafraid, the Top-friend you've made;
Next time you're in Spanky Wonderland.

Dammit, Erica!! Now I've been bitten by the parody bug.

Mr D, if you read this, please do NOT take this as instructions for next time. My muse is demented.

To everyone else, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hunakkah or whatever-the-hell you do at this time of year. And to all my bloggy friends, Happy Spankings