Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Masterchef strikes again--literally

Watch it. Its episode seven of the latest series. And in the opening scenes, we get a bit of complaining about snoring, followed by a hacked-off militant female with a belt. Snapping the belt, and marching into the "boys'" dorm, declaring the snorers are 'going down' amongst other threats. Two of the boys end up on the receiving end of the belt, one of them for a single whack, the other for four...I think. My vision's not wonderful.

Either way, OMG!! Remember my delighted shock at last year's Jamie Oliver episode? Well, this was a bigger one. We actually get some REAL action--not much, but its there. And its---WOW. Just WOW.

I'm just wondering why no-one's made a huge hue-and-cry about it. Its like it was a complete non-event as far as the network, as far as the average Aussie TV viewer, as far as a lot of folks. are concerned. Hell, it hasn't even been noticed by FaceBook!

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