Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another Parody

Oh dear. Here's another one. This time, its Jingle Bells my demented brain has mutilated. Sincere apologies to anyone who actually LIKES that song. .

Spanky Games

Browsing through the toys, its a chore to pick and choose
Such variety, so which ones should we use?
Paddle, brush and strap? Or maybe cane and crop?
Or maybe hand spanks to warm up til someone begs to stop!

Oh, Spanky games, spanky games, are such fun to play!
Add them to your party list for this year's Christmas Day!
Spanky games, spanky games, all the players know;
We'll be ending Christmas time with a warm stinging glow!

Now the cheeks are white, go and have some fun;
Redden them tonight, and soothe them when you're done!
Leather's burn is a treat, wood's sting is nice too;
But Tops should watch those kicking feet or there's some pain for YOU!

1 comment:

  1. Terri, your parodies are very good. I've never dared to even try to write one.

    More, please!