Saturday, May 17, 2014

A... Disturbing Confession.

"Who doesn't? Bastard needs it!" 

That was my immediate thought when I discovered this on tumblr. (It's original poster was thirdreichconfessions2, to whom confessions are apparently submitted. The poster then pairs these with pictures, and the rest of tumblr gets a giggle, or nods in agreement at the sentiment...or feels a little disgusted.the comments attached to the picture were rather...enlightening.)

NO, by the way, I don't like Hitler.. Just to make it clear, the third reich SUCKED!!! I would have used 'spank' as a euphemism for 'heave bombs at'....and not limited it to only Der Führer. (Or, as a few of my friends call him, The Fuckwit)

But I don't know...maybe I should be more open-minded. 

Anyway, back on topic. My second thought was a disturbing: but would you object to being spanked by Hitler? Followed by the realisation that (happily, I am not one of them!) there are plenty of people out there who wouldn't.

And the third need to understand or recognise the highest military rank the asshole attained to get this one: "well that gives a whole new meaning to the term 'corporal' punishment, doesn't it?" I am ashamed to admit to giggling inappropriately at this. 

Anyway, having been disturbed by this, I'm now compiling a list of national/state/religious etc leaders, past and present, who need to be spanked. All contributions welcome. (And if your choice has already been nominated, just say "vote number 'whatever' for 'insert name'."...oh, and fanatical followers can be voted for as well)

I'll start off with:

Stalin, Jeff Kennett (former premier of Victoria, in Australia) the last four Aussie prime ministers, the last three US presidents, Tony Blair and most of the above named Hitler's lieutenants. You can name individuals if you want. 

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